I’m Thalia, a tea-obsessed artist currently based in Wales, UK. I can usually be found drawing, making jewellery, or putting the kettle on.

My artistic influences include retro computer games, comics, ’80s and ’90s science fiction and scientific illustration. When I’m not drawing, my hobbies include beachcombing and mudlarking; I collect fossils, animal skulls, and natural or manmade curiosities. Most of them end up influencing my artwork in some form or another- that is if they don’t end up as part of a craft piece.


My artwork is mainly digital, however I also work with markers on occasion. As a commission artist I have produced work ranging from comic pages to book covers and character illustrations. Some of my past clients include the children’s author Kate Shawcross and the webcomic STC Online, alongside several other clients. My personal work is primarily character and creature based but also encompasses illustration, graphics and designs for printed products.


Alongside the 2D artwork I’m also a jewellery maker, working mostly in copper wire and found or recycled items such as sea glass, pottery, shell and bone fragments, old and broken jewellery, or crystals.  I love to work with fragments and curious objects that have a story (even if there’s no way of knowing it). I also dabble in fabric and yarn crafts. For more information, see my shop page!

Contact email: Teapoweredart@gmail.com

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Artwork copyright © Thalia Evans. All characters © their respective owners.