Green Sea Glass wire-wrapped pendant


Genuine Dorset seaglass wrapped in oxidised copper wire and finished with green glass beads.

This is a interestingly shaped chunk of pale yellow-green glass, possibly originally part of a rim, which has been well frosted and smoothed by the action of the sea. It is finished with tiny green glass beads in different shades, set in copper spirals.

This piece is wrapped in aged copper wire, which is a bare copper which I have oxidised (tarnished) and then lightly polished to an antique shine. The pendant is then buffed with a protective wax to preserve the finish.

I collected this sea glass while beachcombing at Lyme Regis, UK. As well as recent flotsam, the cliffs and landslides at Lyme Regis contain deposits from between the 19th century and the 1970s, which erode down onto the beach. This means that fragments found there could be anywhere from a few months to several hundred years old!

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