Rockchick the Hedgehog

Here’s a blast from the past :p

It’s recently been announced that Sonic Forces will have a character creator, the ability to play as your own Sonic character. That’s something I always wanted when playing the games as a child and… never really stopped wanting, if I’m honest.

But that desire to make self-insert and ‘original’ characters kind of gets trained out of you as something to be embarrassed about; those characters have a stigma of being ‘cringy’ and inherently bad.

While they’re really just harmless fun, and why shouldn’t people have fun?

Sega has just acknowledged this by letting fans create their own avatar in Sonic’s world. And that’s amazing. Little me would be bouncing around the room. Older me definitely is.

So here’s a new pic of my old self-insert character from way back when. Her nickname is Rockchick and she’s a bootleg Shadow created by Robotnik, with a rather nasty Super form. I’ve drawn various toned down and/or reimagined versions of her over the years, but here’s an original-flavour RC based on a pic I drew back in 2003- dubious colour choices and all.

Who knows, maybe I’ll end up playing the game as a little white hedgehog…

Join the resistance~

Artwork copyright © Thalia Evans. All characters © their respective owners.