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Thanks for checking out my commissions page! If you’re interested in a commission, this is where you’ll find information and updates. Please read the Terms of Service and then get in touch through the Commission Form!


Due to Real Life(tm) I’m not accepting any new commissions until I complete the ones currently queued below!

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Price List & Examples

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Head & Shoulder Bust (per character)

Digital Inks-        £10     | Example |

Flat Colour-        £15     | Example |

Cel Shading-      £20     | Example |

Full Shading-     £25     | Example |


Full-Body Illustration (per character)

Digital Inks-        £20     | Example |

Flat Colour-        £25      | Example |

Cel Shading-      £30     | Example |

Full Shading-     £35     | Example |


Backgrounds & extras for Full-body illustrations

+ Additional character-  Prices are per character, see list above

Full Background: Digital Inks-       Character total +£15     | Example |

Full Background: Flat Colour-       Character total +£20     | Example (multiple characters) |

Full Background: Cel Shading-     Character total +£25     | Example |

Full Background: Full Shading-     Character total +£30     | Example |


Character Reference Sheets

Reference sheets start at £65. A basic sheet at this price includes 2 full body poses and 4 detail shots of your choice, in flat colour. (Example.)

I will add/remove poses and shading according to your requirements and the price will change accordingly. If you’re interested in a reference sheet, email me to discuss what you need and I’ll give you a quote.

*PLEASE NOTE: NSFW rules still apply to reference sheets. Although I will draw naked characters, genitalia will be censored or will be a cartoon blank space as seen in the above example.

● The above are default prices for illustrations with detail equivalent to the examples shown. More complicated or heavily detailed characters and/or backgrounds will be priced higher due to the extra time and effort involved!

● Images with no background can have a solid colour backdrop of your choice. Please let me know your preference before I start your commission! If nothing is specified, the image will come with a white backdrop.


Terms of Service

I’m happy to draw:

  • Anthropomorphic/furry characters
  • Animals, including dragons, dinosaurs, monsters etc…
  • Fan characters: Sonic, Pokemon or similar.
  • Sonic characters can either be drawn in my Sonic-esque style or in a more Anthro style. Please specify which!
  • Skulls and skeletons.
  • Robots, such as Transformers-style characters- although please be aware that these will take extra time due to detail!

I won’t draw:

  • Explicit subjects, for example visible genitals or porn. Tasteful shipping art is fine, however, so long as the characters are not underage.
  • Extreme fetish art, for example inflation, vore, scat etc.
  • Offensive content: commissions containing homophobia, sexism, racism or other offensive content will be refused.
  • Political or religious commentary
  • Very realistic or lineless artwork; my work tends towards a cartoon/comic style. This is especially true for human characters, however stylised humans are fine!

Payments & Process 

Commissions are on a first-come, first-served basis and will be worked on one at a time. All prices listed are in £GBP. (currency converter here.) Please note that the prices listed reflect the level of detail and complexity shown in the sample images. Commissions with greater levels of detail may be priced higher depending on the increased time and effort involved.

If you would like a commission, please use the Commission Form page to get in touch. If I have a commission slot available, you will be put into the queue and I’ll send you a confirmation email. I won’t request payment until I’m ready to begin your piece, so please be patient if there are other filled slots ahead of you. Please don’t send any payments until you receive an invoice from me. Payments sent early will be refunded.

I accept payments through Paypal only. When I’m ready to start your commission, I’ll send you a Paypal invoice which you can use to pay. Please send the payment within one week and ensure that it is sent as Goods and Services- any other payment method will be refunded. I will not start work until the full payment is received.

● I will keep in touch throughout the commission process. For lineart/inked pieces, I will send you a work-in-progress image at the sketch stage to make sure you are happy with how your commission looks. I will continue working when you’ve confirmed that you’re satisfied or if edits need to be made. For coloured commissions, I will send one WIP at the sketch stage and one when the image is inked.


● When requesting a commission please provide up to three references per character. At least one of these must be an image and all references should be up to date. This ensures that you get the commission that you want and minimizes the chance of edits having to be made!

● Though I will accept text references in addition to at least one image, please use these only when necessary and try to limit them to extra information which is relevant to the commission. For example, brief details of the character’s personality (example: is a character usually smiling? Broody? Angry?) or special physical attributes not obvious from the image reference (example: the character is left handed, and the commission needs to show them writing). Please don’t use text to update the character’s appearance (for example, a text reference stating that though they have spots in the picture, they now have stripes). This can be confusing and lead to mistakes. Though I love involved backstories, the shorter the text is the easier it will be for me to find the information I need to complete your commission properly!


● I am happy to edit your commission at the sketch stage if something is not to your liking, or I have made a mistake. The first edit at the sketch stage is free, but any further edits will be charged. Edit pricing will depend on the amount which needs to be changed. Please make sure to let me know as soon as possible that an edit is required- the closer the work is to completion, the more difficult it is to edit and the higher these edits will be priced.

● If an edit is required, the payment process will be the same as the original commission: I will send a second invoice before making the changes and if you decide not to accept the charges, I will continue without making the edits.

Refunds & Cancellations

● If you decide to cancel a commission please let me know as soon as possible. If I have not yet started work you will receive a full refund. If I have already made progress on the commission you will receive a 50% refund.

● I aim to complete every commission request which I accept. However, in the event of unforeseen circumstances forcing me to cancel a commission, I will get in touch and you will receive a full refund regardless of progress made. Please note that I also reserve the right to cancel and refund a commission should the customer harass or abuse me in any way.

● Refunds will not be given for commissions which are 100% complete. Please see the edits section for what to do if you are not happy with a finished commission.

What you’ll get

● Currently I am only offering digital commissions.

When your commission is complete, you will receive:

– A high-res digital copy of your commission for your personal non commercial use. Each image will have a small signature, but no watermark, and will be in .jpg format.

– A low-res digital copy with discreet watermark for uploading, in .jpg format.

● Canvas size: I work at A4 size (2894x4093px at 350dpi) or 3000x3000px at 350dpi depending on the dimensions of the commissioned image. Images are then cropped to better fit the drawing unless requested otherwise. If you’d like the canvas not to be cropped or a specific image size, up to A3, please tell me before I start work on your commission as it isn’t possible to enlarge images without losing quality.


● I hold the right to:

– Decline a commission request if I am not comfortable with the subject matter for any reason, or feel that I am unable to fulfill the request to your satisfaction.

– Decline or cancel a commission if the customer harasses me, has a known record of unresolved grievances with other artists (for example, harassment, nonpayment, art theft etc) or if their Paypal information does not match the name/email supplied.

– Post the completed commission to my personal website and art accounts or include it in a physical portfolio, unless specified otherwise- if you would like to keep the work private or delay posting it (for example if it is a gift), please let me know and I’ll respect this.

● You can:

– Repost your commission to your personal and social media sites, so long as you use the watermarked version I provide and do not remove my signature. Please include a credit link to (or if posting to Tumblr.)

– Edit the image for a personal banner, background, avatar or roleplay icon so long as this is for noncommercial purposes.

– Print the work for your own personal use. This includes paper prints and items such as t-shirts, however these should be for your own use only. Do not print your commission with intent to sell copies.

● You cannot:

– Edit your commission in any other way, including removing my signature or watermark. This includes recolouring a coloured work, updating the artwork or requesting another artist does it for you. If you are not happy with your commission or the image needs to be updated, please let me know and I’ll be happy to do it for you. Please see the Edits section above for details.

– Use your commission for commercial purposes. You may not sell prints of the work or use it to create products for profit (for example T-shirts, mugs). If you would like to use the work for commercial or promotional purposes please let me know beforehand as these commissions will have a higher price.

Thank you for reading!

Commission Form

If slots are available and you would like to purchase a commission, please email me at:

And include the following information:

● Your Paypal and Contact email addresses

● What type of commission you would like

● Up-to-date references (up to three per character)

● What you would like the character(s) to be doing, eg. pose, expression, activity (Optional- if none supplied I’ll come up with something myself!)

● If your desired commission includes a background, what setting you would like (Optional- if none supplied I’ll come up with something myself!)

● What the commission will be used for, if applicable. Please specify if you intend to use it for commercial purposes.

● Any other relevant information. This could include: specific canvas size, or canvas colour for commissions with no background.


Please do not send any payments until your slot has been confirmed and you have received an invoice. Premature payments will be refunded!

Please direct any other queries to the email address above. Thanks very much!


Artwork copyright © Thalia Evans. All characters © their respective owners.